Ever wonder why you keep releasing good music but having few number of downloads?
You see the truth is that paying a Blogger to promote your song is not Enough.
in as much as
your blogger is there to help you must also play your part very well.
In my little experience as a blogger, I have worked with allot of people from far and near(Within
 the state and outside).
One of the things I have observed is that allot of Artistes (especially Upcoming) think paying a
blogger to put their songs on is all that matters but no that is not true.
In as much as you want your music to travel far you must work on your Fanbaze.
Going back from the scratch” Paying a blogger to promote your song is not enough”, the blogger
is there as a catalyst, permit me to say you are the one to do the real Job, how do I mean?
Okay you pay a blogger to put your song on and when the link is out you fold your hands
watching your blogger to share the link to the world without you posting the link on your timeline
and all social media handles in the name of (I have paid him for the work).
Sorry sir I hope I’m not rude to say” You are not ready or certain with yourcraft”
Folding your hands to watch your blogger is just like saying you have paid somebody to work
and build your dreams and future for you (is that possible?) No you need yourself to do the job.
Sometimes some of your Fam only pay attention to what is posted by you online not on a post you
have been tagged. You see the reason why you also need to share your link more than your blogger

Also your friends and Music colleague’s are also a good channel to use in promoting your Craft.
Imagine having 10 friends each with 5k followers on Facebook and each of them shared your
Link on their timeline, let’s do the calculation (10friends X 5k followers=50,000)you see how
fast and far your music will travel. Okay just imagine having 30 friends each with 5kfollowers!!
Now your relationship with your friends and Fanbaze matters allot, those fam of yours have an
important role in your music Career as far as your aim is towards reaching the climax. You need them so
also they need you so try to give them a little of your time.
What am I trying to say Here, You need Blogger to promote your song but you must understand
that your partin promoting that song is not just important but importanter (if there is anyword
 like that).
Until you have come to the actualization that 70% of the work lies upon your shoulder and 30%
Upon your blogger then you are not ready for this business.
In a note shell, what am trying to say here is that Do not sleep on your dreams in the name of I
have paid him to do the job for me, things doesn’t work that way.
Only you can give yourself the best of what you want.
Paying a blogger to promote your song is note nough.

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