Don’t Go Out On May 4th: See Five Reasons Why.

Most people have mixed feelings about the recent announcement by President Buhari regarding lifting the ban on lock down even though there are still a few restrictions.
I know we all want to return to normalcy and continue living life like before or even better, but there are important things to consider before going out as a cure to this virus hasn’t been known.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t go out on May 4th:
1. There has been no positive improvement on the number of victims and/or patients of corona virus, rather the number is on the increase, going out will only increase your chances of contracting the deadly virus.
2. If you provide no essential services, and you can still work from home, by all means, remain at home and stay alive. Going out unnecessarily will only expose you to more harm than good and will be of no good interest to you.
3. Don’t go out if you can’t afford sanitizers, protective masks and gloves because you stand the chance of getting the virus, meanwhile, chances are minimized with the right outfit.
4. If you have old parents and relatives at home, you had best stay at home, because you can transfer the virus to them which will not be an easy fix, because aged people with low immunity, are more prone to death from the virus, so it will be in their best interest if you don’t go out.
5. Finally, if you have been noticing or feeling any symptoms of the virus and you have been on self isolation, please, don’t go out, stay indoors and observe at least two weeks of quarantine so as to be sure you are free from the disease and also prevent it’s further spread by transferring it to other people you come in contact with.
Always remember to stay safe, wash your hands and keep your environments clean.
The safety of our lives is in our hands, literally too.
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